Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekly Diary

First of all, before starting of this weeks diary, I want to thank all of you. My blog has grown with over 1.000 people and I'm so so grateful. Thank you so much! This week hasn't been that nice at time but coming on the blog and seeing my lovely readers' comments just really made me happy!

I started using my absolute nude palette by Catrice this week. Gosh, those colours are so beautiful! I've been experimenting a lot and I even found a new "everyday look". Tutorial?

I wore my high waisted shorts by New Look for the first time this week. Instant pin-up feel! I love it so much!

Rain, rain, rain. We've been getting a lot of it lately. Today the weather is a little bit better and I'm really glad - spring is finally here!

Look at this hairdo! How pretty! I have no idea how to do this, but I'd like to learn it so much! If you know a tutorial or you have a tutorial yourself, please let me know?

Ordered my first pencil skirt on! I can't wait until the day it arrives! A lot of other dresses to come soon!

How was your week? Are you okay?
Thanks for reading! X

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  1. I also bought something from topvintage. That hairstyle is something my mom would like:)
    I am also following you on Bloglovin besides gfc


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