Thursday, October 22, 2015

So, how's life?

Blogging is my passion. I absolutely love writing about stuff that I like, but I also like to get to know you guys through my posts.
I used to write about my week every week before the summer holidays started but I haven't kept it up. Why? My weeks pretty much look alike and after a while I didn't think Weekly Diaries were very interesting anymore. 
However, I like more personal posts and I don't want to lose touch with my readers. So, how's life?


The new academic year started off. I am now in my second year and so far, everything is going great! I'm hoping to become a teacher in two years, it's very exciting, but a lot of work! 
I still live on my own, which is nice, but it can get a little lonely. Just before the summer holidays I had a hard time keeping up my blogging after a break-up, but I've reflected a little bit since then and I have decided that I am too busy working for what I want in life to have a boyfriend. Even though I meet special people everyday, I haven't met anyone special when it comes to love. So I am still single - I am totally at peace with that and I am a very happy girl.

Aside from all that I have been experimenting and exploring a lot. A new look: new hairdo, two new tattoos, changing the style of the blog a little (writing new kinds of posts), travelling. I feel like I still haven't found myself a hundered percent, which is fine, I've got time.
 So yeah, I'm just trying to find new passions. I'm trying to get better at what I do. But I do what I love, and I love what I do.

I hope you are doing really good as well. I hope you wake up every morning happy and grateful for the life that you lead.
At the risk of becoming a little cheesy, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my posts and visiting my blog.
I might not mention it enough, but I do appreciate and love all of you.

Have a nice day!

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