Thursday, October 20, 2016

Essence Stay All Day foundation & concealer review!

For years now, my skin has been a bit of a problem. I am confident enough to walk out without make-up on my face. However, I do prefer a bit of foundation or concealer.
I'm always looking for a good new concealer and the last years I've been quite happy with Essence's foundations, BB creams and other face products. I have been testing their Stay All Day foundation and concealer for a month now, let's see what I think about these products!

The day before I shot the pictures for this article, I had a huge acne breakout, which wasn't great for me, but I'm sure it's good for you because you'll be able to see the result to the fullest.

Okay, make-up less face in the picture below. Biggest problem areas are my chin, left cheek and forehead.


I don't use primer or daycream or anything, because I notice I can't blend as well normally.
I use my hands to cover my face, brushes don't work so well with this foundation either. I don't use a beauty sponge but I do think that might work out as well.

I did struggle a bit with this foundation in the beginning, simply because I tried using primers and brushes first - which lead to some very weird structures on my face, but now it works out just fine for me.

The concealer works like a dream. It's a buildable concealer, so it's not cakey at all. I like to apply just one layer underneath my eyes.
I chose one shade lighter than the foundation. Occasionally I also use it for covering up blemishes on my face. 

Below you can see my full face make-up. What a difference, don't you think?
I'm once again, very satisfied with the Essence face products.

Which foundations do you like/use?
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  1. good to hear you were satisfied with this foundation....and concealer.

    you look lovely!


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