Thursday, July 4, 2013

Catrice Photo Finish foundation review

Hi! In my last haul I showed you some new beauty buys, including this foundation by Catrice.
Now, I have never in my life tried a Catrice foundation before. I got a BB cream before and that was the first face product I ever got from them - I liked the BB cream so I thought trying the foundation would be a good idea.

The foundation I got is called the Catrice Photo Finish foundation. As it says on the bottle, it's a liquid foundation and it will last 18 hours.

The bottle is quite simple. It's see through matt glass, which I like, I think it's cute.
The colour that I got is "010 Sand Beige", which is the lightest colour they had. What can I say, I'm a pale girl! They have three other colours, so ladies who have a nice tan can benefit from this product as well!

This is what the foundation looks like on my hand. I'm using a tiny drop but it's enough to cover half of my hand. As you can see, this foundation has a yellow undertone. That's because it's such a light colour. I also have this with my BB cream. Other, darker foundations and BB creams have a pink undertone.

This is what it looks like when you rub it open...
The texture of this foundation is very nice, it's creamy and easy to blend in. The foundation also covers really well!

And this is the end result... As you can see, the foundation blended in really well and it matches my skintone perfectly! 

I'm very content with the results of this foundation. I've tried about five different foundations in the few years that I started using makeup and this is one of the best ones I've tried.
I love it when a drugstore, cheap product turns out to be a great deal! Not much money, great quality. To die for!

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