Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NEW IN: hair care and and colour explosion!

Hi! I have another mini haul for you! Let's start by saying I forgot to put one item in the photograph because my sister had it in her bag (mine wasn't big enough). It's a hair repair hair mask by Schwarzkopf. I got it because my hair has always been a bit dry, but going back to blonde didn't give my hair a boost so...
I really want to do the best I can and keep it healthy.

Next I got another hairspray for when I decided to make another hair do. This is just the drugstorebrand, nothing exciting really.

I also got an Essence nailpolish. Lately, I've been buying more nailpolishes. These last few months I've barely painted my nails but now I'm back into it! The colour that I got is a cute mint green, which I like a lot, and it looks fresh this summer as well!

The last item that I got it a blue mascara by 2B. I was so excited when I heard about coloured mascara's coming back again! I'd been searching for it for a while, and now that I saw it, I had to have it! They also had purple and other colours. I was doubting which one to take at first (since I didn't want to buy 4 mascara's at once) but I decided to go for the blue in the end. Maybe I'll pick up the purple one later!

I also placed an order at eyelipsface (E.L.F.) - so those products should get here soon! I know E.L.F. is a quite cheap but good quality and a very well known brand in beauty world, but for some reason I never got anything.
Maybe that's because I don't like to order makeup online? Oh well, I did for the first time now and I can't wait to get my new stuff delivered! I'll haul that too! (Oh god, I'm buying a lot of makeup again!)

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!

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