Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June favourites

Hello everyone! 
June has passed by quite quickly. From my cat being in labor and Marilyn Monroes birthday to the exams, to the results, to vacation and blogging. Holy moly! 
This month has been a very busy month for sure! One of these days July rolled around and things slowed down a little bit so that we all can rest a bit and get ready for the next school year.

Before that happens, I want to show you my monthly favourites! Some of them you have seen before, some of them you probably haven't seen before.
Want to know what my favourites of this months are? Keep on reading!

This month started with amazing weather. The makeup changed from darker colours to brighter colours and from foundation to just concealer and powder. One of my favourite palettes this month was "Twinkle in the eye" by Catrice (discontinued). I think it holds lovely colours! Here's a face of the day. I like my look this way in summer. Light and lovely!

Next, I re-discovered my Yves Rocher strawberry scented lipbalm!
This is insanely sweet yet I still love it! I put it on before I do my makeup and by the time I arrive to the step where I do my lips, they are soft and moisturized.

I also did a bit of shopping this month and this Biocura eyebrow pencil is one of the things I got. I fell in love with it instantly! So cheap, yet it works really well! You guys know how unconfident I am when it comes to my eyebrows and how excited I get when I get a new product that works really nice! 

H&M lipgloss! I haven't been wearing this as much as I wanted to wear it this month. Probably because I didn't wear a lot of makeup during the exams and nowadays I'm at home waiting for the results of my exams... So, there's no point in putting on lipgloss if nobody will be able to see it! Hopefully I'll be able to wear this much more often soon!


This Catrice camouflage cream is becoming one of my holy grail products! Very high coverage, nice creamy texture, ah, I think I'm addicted!

And last but not least, I'm still loving my Essence all about matt fixing compact powder!

What are your favourites this month?
Thanks for reading again today!

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  1. ottimi questi prodotti mi incuriosisce tanto la crema x le labbra alla fragola


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