Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Essence match 2 cover cream concealer review

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I have been developing a bit of a concealer obsession over the last few months. During my quest for the perfect concealer, I came across this one. This is the match 2 cover cream concealer by Essence. The back of the product says that this is a high coverage concealer. Of course I wanted to take this little concealer kit home and see if it was a good deal (there weren't any testers)!

This concealer kit comes in a very simple packaging that's easy to see through. It holds two concealers: a darker one and a lighter one. I like this, that way you can mix the two concealers if they don't fit your skintone.

This concealer duo should be high coverage, at least that what it says on the back. Finding one that's cheap and high coverage would be really nice! Here are the swatches!

This concealer is very creamy but I don't feel like it's very high coverage. I'd say it's more like medium coverage. My Catrice camouflage cream is a high coverage concealer and you can feel that the substance of that concealer is thicker and when putting it on you can also see that it simply covers more.

I do like this concealer, it's nice, cheap and it'll give you good coverage. I think I would use this one more on a daily basis and then when I have an acne breakout, I would go for something that covers a little bit more, which is my Catrice concealer.

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