Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Essence Metropolitan eyeshadow review

I'm back with another Essence mono eyeshadow review! Today I'm going to be reviewing a nice, brown colour called "Metropolitan", from the permanent Essence collection. I got this one from a friend, since she didn't use it, and I thought: "Why not give you my opinion on it?"

You never know, maybe you were standing at the makeup counter yesterday doubting about whether or not you should get this.

I'm not sure that I would buy this if I saw it in my makeup store. I think I would be doubting because it could be too dark. We'll see if my opinion on that changes later on!

I keep on talking about the packaging, even though most mono eyeshadows have thesame packaging. If it's in the permanent collection, it has a packaging like this. See through plastic with silver letters on it.

The eyeshadow is a brown with a little bit of sparkles in it. 

Time to swatch (this is always the most exciting/disappointing moment, it depends on the quality of the product, haha)! 

Wow, I did not expect this much pigment! Some drugstore eyeshadows are more pigmented than others and I'm pretty sure this is one of the more pigmented items. This is only one whipe you guys! I'm impressed! I don't think I'd wear this colour on a daily basis but it's cute for a party! As you can see there are a few sparkles in there but it's not discoball-ish or disturbing at all (in my opinion)!

Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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  1. i love essence eye shadows!!they are very pigmented and for a fraction of the usual price of others drugstore eyeshadows!!!!
    PS:i have joined you on google friend connect!!!!
    please check out my blog and if you like follow back!!!
    keep up the good work!!!:)


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