Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick review

Hello! How are you all doing? Today I have another lipstick review for you! This time, I'm reviewing "Violine Strass", one of the gorgeous lipsticks that Bourjois came out with in their "Rouge Edition" line.

There have been so many good reviews out there of so many different lipsticks that I didn't know what to get anymore. I did know that a lot of the (positive) reviews were about "Rouge Edition" lipsticks, so I went ahead and grabbed this colour. I didn't want a pink or peachy lipstick because I have way too many of those and I never use them anyway. So I went for a colour that I didn't have yet.


The packaging of this lipstick is rather simple. It comes in a black tube and says "Bourjois". On other sides of the lid, it says "Rouge Edition". The bottom shows you which colour the lipstick is, that's smart, that way you don't have to open it to see what colour it is. This is especially handy when you put your lipsticks up side down in a box when you store them.

"Violine Strass" is the colour that I got.

This is what the colour looks like, it looks dark red and dark purple to me. If you read my review on the new Kate Moss for Rimmel London lipstick that I got recently, you'll know that this colour is similar, it's slightly different in tone. That one looks more red (like red wine) and this one looks more purple.

Lightly swatched (wanted to be extra careful with this beauty and I also had to take pictures so I didn't want to smudge anything yet)...

Ta-daa! Gorgeous, isn't it?! The lipstick has a very nice texture. It's easy to apply, you don't need a lot and it feels so soft on your lips, nice creamy stuff!

Full face! Doesn't it make me look more adult? And no, I did not change my hair to another colour again, these pictures were taken before I went back to blond hair!

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!


  1. Wow the color looks amazing on you.
    loved your winged eyeliner too.
    do stop by my blog if you will.

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