Thursday, July 18, 2013

Miss Sporty "Malaga" lipstick review

Hi guys! 

Everyone wants a vibrant, nice, red lipstick in their makeup collection, don't they? I certainly do and I'm lucky to have quite a few colours in there that I really like already. I have recently added on to the list and I wanted to tell you all about it, because you know, if I love something, I want to share it!

I threw this one in my purse a little while ago - in case I ever needed it - and ever since it has been in there. I love wearing red lipstick and last time I was out, I went looking for my favourite red lipstick but I couldn't find it anywhere. And then I saw a little blue tube in my bag and I wondered what it was. Oooh right! The long forgotten lipstick that I hadn't used before! Until I used it, and after that it would never be forgotten anymore!

This lipstick is from a local shop called Etos (from the Netherlands). They sell a brand there called Miss Sporty and they have the most amazing products. This lipstick called "Malaga" is from Miss Sporty as well! 

The colour is vibrant and pigmented. The lipstick has a very creamy texture and doesn't dry out the lips. It also smells very good! I can't describe it. Like fresh fruit. Like summer. Ahhh!

I love how this lipstick looks! Honestly, I'm crazy about it! This lipstick isn't expensive at all, yet the colour looks nice and the pigmentation is great.

Love this look! 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Such a pretty colour, I've never looked closely at any of the miss sporty bits. Will be checking out their lipsticks!

  2. Thats such a pretty shade, it look similar to kate moss rimmel lipstick in no. 11 though this is more orangish i guess, lovely lovely girl.
    do visit my blog if you have time :)I would be glad

    1. It does indeed look alike :) you're absolutely right!


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