Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2B bronzer review

Hello! How are you doing? Last week I went shopping and I got this 2B bronzer on sale. I don't have a lot of beauty products from 2B but I thought I could at least try and see if I liked it. I don't use bronzer very often, in fact, I haven't used it more than twice or more than three times in the past! Then why now? 

First of all, it wasn't a huge amount of money, really. Second of all, sales are a great place to build up your collection and buy everything you don't have yet. You never know when you'll need it!

Like I said, this "Terra Compact" bronzer is by 2B, which is a quite inexpensive brand. I think I once bought a nailpolish from this brand but I don't have it anymore now.
The packaging of this bronzer is quite simple. It's in a plastic pan with an orange bottom. A lot of their makeup products (like eyeshadow) are packed like this! I do think it looks a little bit cheap.

The bronzer has a little sun figure pressed into it. I think it's cute. It will fade after a while, but oh well. I always like it when a product has a cute print or design.

Swatch! I did get a few "crumbles" while swatching but they're minimal so it's okay. The colour looks quite light on my wrist because I've been tanning a little bit lately but my face is still pretty pale so it's more visible. Not too dark, not too light, just perfect!
Oh, and if you're wondering why I haven't mentioned the colour, it's because this bronzer doesn't have a name, pity! It's the lightest one of them all though.

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day! Stay safe!

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