Friday, July 12, 2013

Face makeup for summer (back to basics)

Hello everyone! The weather has been really good lately. It's been so hot outside that I got sunburnt the first 15 minutes that I was outside! Of course such hot weather isn't nice when you wear makeup, because it all sweats off! Today I'm going to show you some items that I like to use during summer.

The first thing I prefer to wear in summer is BB cream or tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. I haven't got any tinted moisturizer at home right now so I use BB cream. I use my Catrice All Round BB cream. It also has SPF 30, which is always nice! I'd still recommend to use sunscreen as a base before you put on your makeup though. SPF 30 is nice but of course it can sweat of after a little while (or after going in the pool). Better safe than sorry, right?!


The Catrice BB cream does make your face look a little bit oily so using a powder is always good. I'm using the one by Essence. This one doesn't have a colour, which you don't need in summer, it just absorbs the oil. Even if you're not wearing BB cream this can come in handy - a good mattifying powder makes life easier during summer! You can also use oil absorbing papers but I don't have that yet.


If the weather allows it and your makeup doesn't sweat off of your face instantly, a shimmer powder can look pretty. When the sunlight hits your face, it reflects the glitters and it looks nice. This is the "Tropical Heat" shimmer powder by Essence.


During summer I also like to use a lip balm or lipgloss. For some reason, I almost never use lipgloss in winter or fall. I sometimes wear it in spring but most of the time I wear it in summer. I don't know why, I just like everything to be glossy and simple and cute during summer and more sophisticated, bold and classy during winter. Is that weird? This one is "Coral" by H&M and this is the lipgloss that I've been using most.

Do you have any products that you prefer to only use in summer? Or products that you bought just because it's summer?

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