Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mixing it up!

Hello you guys! 
The title of this post is a little bit confusing - you probably don't know what to expect. Unless you've seen the following pictures already! 

Somewhere in April I got an Essence eyebrow kit. I reviewed it. A little bit later I got a Catrice eyebrow set. Today, I'm still using the Catrice eyebrow set, because I prefer that one, the Essence one got a little bit forgotten. What to do with the Essence eyebrow kit, that I won't use for my brows anymore?


I decided to go ahead and create a makeup look with these two colours. The eyeshadow that you put on your brows isn't any different than the eyeshadow that's meant for your eyes. The only difference is that the colours from eyebrow palettes are colours that will probably fit the colour of your eyebrows (that's why it's an eyebrow kit! Gosh, I'm rambling!).

The look that I made isn't hard to make at all. I put the lightbrown colour on my lid and the other colour in my outer corner. Then I blended a little bit, just very quickly. I applied mascara and that's it. Super simple, quick and easy. It didn't even take me two minutes!

I didn't put on liquid eyeliner or anything, since it's been really hot and I don't like a lot of makeup on sweaty, hot, burning summer days. The lighter, the better!

So, that's it for this quick, little makeup look! I think I will probably keep using this as eyeshadow, since the lightest colour is too "brown brown" (I prefer brown that looks like grey a little bit, it looks way more natural!) and the darkest colour is too dark to use on my eyebrows.

What do you think? Do you have this palette, and if so, does it work for you?
Thanks for visiting and reading! I appreciate it! 

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