Thursday, July 18, 2013

RIP Talia Castellano

Hi guys!
Extremely beautiful day today, extremely sad news. I wanted to post it yesterday but I didn't have the time anymore. As you know, or don't know, I love watching makeup tutorials on youtube, I used to watch Elle Fowler's videos every single day and I have so many other beauty guru's out there that I like a lot!

Talia Castellano was one of those guru's. The thing that made Talia "special" (or different than most other beauty guru's), is that she had cancer. She didn't only do makeup tutorials, she also spoke about her cancer, and being bald and all of that. Talia was only 13 years old, but god, I feel like she was such an amazing makeup artist and I can learn a lot from her! It's a shame this little fighter didn't get more time before she became an angel.

I thought this was quite important to share. If you don't know her, look her up, her youtube account is called "Taliajoy18". Rest in peace, darling.

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