Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Drugstore beauty haul!

Hello everyone! Ever since I ran out of my foundation some time last week I've been wanting to get a new one. I had to wait for a little while because I had other things to do for a couple of days, but last weekend I finally had the time to do some shopping. You guessed it, I didn't just get foundation. I took a look around and brought some other items home as well.


The first thing that got my attention was this shimmer powder by Essence. This is from the "Ticket to paradise" collection. I was thrilled to see they still had some of these powders left! Normally I'm always too late! 

Next I decided to get another BB cream by Catrice. I had one already but I was almost out of it. Back ups are always a good idea! I got the colour "010 Light Beige". I already have a review on it.

Back up eyeliner... This is the liquid ink eyeliner by Essence. I've mentioned this a lot in my posts and I also have a review on it already! 

And then I got a foundation. This time I decided to get one by Catrice. I've never had one from Catrice so I was quite curious about it. This is the photo finish foundation. It sounds good to me! I got the colour "010 Sand Beige".

And that's it for this little purchase post! Do you have any of these items? Do you like any of these items?


  1. You can get some good stuff at the drugstore if you have to. I forgot my makeup on a trip and didn't want to buy all new expensive makeup. You'll have to let us know how you like all your purchases!


    Jules of Canines & Couture


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