Monday, July 1, 2013

June empties

Hi! Today is the first of July, which means that I will be doing my June empties and favourites.
I'm starting with my empties first! I don't empty a lot of products very often but this month I have three items! 

The first item that I used up is this Kérastase conditioner for dry ends of your hair. I do have dry hair and colouring it makes it even dryer a lot of times, so I've used this a lot lately. It smells incredible and it makes my hair really soft and moisturized! I think I will repurchase this if I can find it in my store.


Next I finished two face products! My Catrice BB cream, which I love and which I've been using for quite a few months now! 
I also emptied my Fit me foundation by Maybelline. I didn't expect this, my previous foundation lasted for almost a year and I didn't start using more so I don't know what it could be... Maybe the packaging just isn't as big or the pump gives a bigger amount of foundation than my previous foundation. 
I took the lid off and now I have a little bit of foundation left on the bottom of the bottle, but I don't expect it to last very long.
And that brings us to the last empty of this month (and the end of the post)!

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