Monday, December 30, 2013

My resolutions for the new year!

Hello everyone!
New Year is coming up very soon and even though I think the last year went by way too fast, I do have some resolutions for the new year.

Last year was good but I want to make this year even better. I want to work more but I also want to make more time for friends and people that I love. I have let them down a little last year because of work and because I wanted to do well in school.
I want to do thesame this year, but I just want to find a little more balance. I also hope my blog will be doing as well as it did last year. I also hope I get to film more tutorials.

One thing that I also want to do this year is to travel. I will be going to Prague with school but since I`m turning 18 this year, I want to go on (a few) trip(s). I hope it`ll work out, you never know when it`s going to be too late to travel; something might happen to me (physically or financially) that might make me unable to travel. I hope not.

Aside from those little things, I can`t complain about my life, I just hope it can and will continue as it did last year.

As for you, my readers who have supported me, I hope you can make all your wishes come true in 2014.
For those who had a hard time last year, I hope it will get better soon. I hope life smiles at you and challenges you to go on. It isn`t always easy, I know that, but I hope you go on with a positive attitude and make the best of it.

Let's make 2014 an amazing year!


  1. nice blog

    im just starting up mine please check it out.

  2. nice resolutions, good luck and happy nez year :)


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