Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Beauty favies of 2013 !

Hello everyone! Well, tomorrow we will be waking up in a new year! It's so exciting (and a little terrifying too but that's probably just me)!
My last post of 2013 is going to be my beauty favourites. All year I tried different products and I found a lot of products that I liked! I have many more favourites than in this post, but these are my absolute favourites! Time for a little recap! 

Face products

Catrice has surprised me very often this year! They have done so well and the quality has gotten better and better. They also had lovely limited editions. I'm absolutely stunned by their foundations. So inexpensive, yet great coverage.  Click here for my review on the All Matt plus foundation.

Need a little more coverage? No problem, because the "Camouflage Cream" by Catrice is the creamiest, best and most inexpensive concealer you'll find in the drugstore. Some compare it to MAC's concealer - only cheaper.

Back when I went to get my "Nude 'Tude" palette by The Balm, I got this blush as a gift. It's a super bright colour but that the way I love it. Very pigmented as well! Here's my review!

I had a lot of favourite makeup palettes, but I have also been loving single eyeshadows. I said it before: Catrice has been rockin' it this year. Their liquid metal eyeshadows have been favourites of mine ever since I got them. Here's my review!

This Nude Tude palette by The Balm is - I think - my absolute favourite palette of this year. Good packaging (really cute, I mean, look at those pin-up girls!), great pigmentation, lots of colours to choose from so even if you just had this palette, you'd be able to make a ton of looks!

Also loving this year: my ELF palettes! These two palettes are amazing! Every colour you will ever need are in these palettes! Click here for the review on my bright palette and click here for the review on my neutral palette!

My Maybelline Color Tattoo has been a favourite as well! Even though I have only had it for a coupe of days, I've used it every single day and I LOVE it. It really sticks like a tattoo!

Lip products

I have so many (red) lipsticks that I wouldn't know which ones to use first. My two favourites were quite hard to pick, but if I had to choose, I would have my Rimmel London Apocalips lip lacquer in "The Big Bang" and my MAC "Russian Red" lipstick ( a really good inexpensive dupe is "Kiss of life" by Rimmel London, I love that one as well!).

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely evening and I'll see you next year!

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