Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY 2014!

Hello everyone! I just stopped by to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!
2014 has started and I hope you all celebrated and had a good time. I myself have been working until after midnight but that's fine because I got to celebrate with the people I work with, they're like a second family!

I wore a black dress to work for the occasion! It has a couple of rhinestones on the shoulders and I loved it! All of my other female (and male) collegues were dressed up as well. So pretty! I wish we had gotten a group photo but it's kind of hard since everyone is always running around taking orders!

Later that night, I switched to this dress for going out. I was doubting at first because, well, it's quite fancy and chique and I didn't want to be the only one all dressed up in a maxi dress but in the end, I wore it. I didn't even get many weird looks haha!
I certainly enjoyed my night and I can't wait for 2014! I'm still adding resolutions to my list such as "reading more", "swearing less" and "complain less" and I hope I can make most of them (or even all of them) work out!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

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