Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekly Diary

Hello you guys! Happy Sunday! How has your week been?
I've started 2014 on a positive note. Even though my week was a bit tiring, it was for sure a lot of fun too! Let's take a look!

Shall we start with a photo of this cute owl. I saw this floating around on Facebook in the beginning of the week and I thought it was adorable. Well, a bit sad too. Harry Potter was actually the reason why owls became my favourite animals, what can I say, you gotta love Hedwig!

Monday and Tuesday evening I had to start studying for my theoretical driver's licence. I had the exam on Wednesday morning at school and I was afraid I would fail it, but I actually thought it was quite easy. I made it! 46/50 was my score. I'm proud and happy!

I decided to go shopping right after school. First I went to take a look at some stores to see if there was anything interesting. I bought a couple of nice sweaters and pants. After that, I took myself out for lunch. I went to this restaurant where they have a buffet, you can pick anything you want. I love that! Normally I wouldn't do this, but since I had passed my exam that morning, I took lots of treats!

Treat yourself!

More of "treat yourself"!

And more beauty items! I really did treat myself ;).


I started using this mango shower gel! I love it, smells so good! I use it with my mango bodybutter.


Watching CSI a lot lately! I think this is so interesting! I wanted to be a crime scene investigator when I was younger but I hear it's hard to get a job so...

The next few weeks I am going to do my internship so I'm very excited for that! I can't wait to see what the next two weeks are going to bring.

Have a great weekend guys! Thanks for reading. Stay safe!


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