Saturday, January 11, 2014

Comparing: H&M vs. Essence

Yesterday I showed you the new palette that I got from H&M. I was so excited and I kept looking at the colours while taking pictures and editing.
Somewhere, far far away, in the back of my head, in a dusty corner a little light went on. Hé, I know these colours from somewhere, I've seen them in a palette before!

This is where I saw the colours, in one of my Essence palettes! If you look closely, you can see that the white, the skintoned eyeshadow and the darkest brown are almost the exact same colours as in the H&M palette. The only difference is that the Essence eyeshadow palette has one extra colour, which makes it a little bit more pricey. Oh, and the pigmentation is just a little bit better.


I like both of the palettes but I would especially recommend the H&M palette to beginners. It's cheaper and three colours is perfect to work with when you're just starting out. If you'd like more colours and better pigmentation (and you're willing to pay a bit more), you can go for the "To die for" palette by Essence.
The H&M palette costs €2.95 and the Essence palette is somewhere around €4 or €5.

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