Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Facecharts ♥

Last week I was a little bored. I was looking up videos online when I came across a face chart. 
I have seen many many face charts but I have never really made one myself. Well, up until that point. Silly really, because I want to be a makeup artist, so why didn't I think of that before (or why did I keep forgetting about it?!)
I printed a couple of face charts that I found on the internet and started applying makeup...

Here is the end result! One more wearable look on the left, and a darker look on the right. I do realise that I go for gold/orange/brown colours too much. I think that's because I like to use those colours the most. I will pay attention to using other colours.


Would you like to see more face charts?
Thanks for reading!

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