Thursday, January 9, 2014

Haul: a few makeup products and a lot of The Body Shop

Since the sales have started, I've been wanting to go and check out what was left in the stores. Most of the time I only get basics, but every once in a while, there's actually something interesting to find. I decided to do that yesterday. After I succeeded my theoretical driver's licence exam (yay!) I took myself out for lunch and quite a bit of shopping. I thought the winter clothes were a little disappointing everywhere (the best had been picked out already but I still got a couple of nice things) but I got a lot of other stuff such as pants, skirts, summer clothes, clothes for exercising and .... makeup!

I actually got a little bit of makeup and a lot of The Body Shop goodies. Normally I don't purchase more than one or two products but there was a lot on sale so I decided to test out a couple of products. I got two body butters (love them!), three shower gels and one lip scrub. I should like the shower even more thanks to these products! I'll have a list below with all the products and prices!

Claire's false lashes: €3
H&M "Nudes" eyeshadow palette: €2.95
Bodybutters by The Body Shop: €20 (for two)
Body gels by The Body Shop: €12 (for three)

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