Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Currently loving!

It's not very often that I find products I'm so in love with that I want to write about them immediately.
I have recently collected a couple of items that I would love to share with you. Some of the reviews are up already, others will be online soon! 
I don't think I credit brands enough if they have a great product out there, maybe I should do more "current favies". What do you think?

A brand can do two things. They can either make me fall in love with their products, or they can just totally blow it. If they blow it, I may not buy their products for months or years. Or  I just might give it another shot.
I haven't had luck with some H&M beauty products but I think I just found the love of my life.Well, not really but still, it's a lovely product, cute colours.

Next I have a brand that didn't even have to try twice. I've been in love with products from the Body Shop for as long as I can remember going to the Body Shop. I don't always get something, sometimes I just go in there to smell the body butters but honestly, I should go more. Their mango shower gel and body butter has got me smelling like a - I'd say fresh peach but I think mango would fit better - and it just makes me so happy. Who doesn't like smelling and feeling good?

Another one of their products, that I just discovered, is the lip balm. I got one with passionberry scent and it's just as lovely as it looks. I've never liked putting on lip balm more. Honestly.

I've rediscovered my "Texture" eyeshadow by MAC. I used to wear it with "Woodwinked" because that's how the makeup artist did it on me, but recently I've been trying more creative things and different combinations. Whereas I didn't dare to apply a lot of it because I thought it was too orange in the past, I love packing it on right now.
I guess I've found a couple of good ways to combine my eyeshadow. I will for sure show you more looks soon.

I'll also have reviews of each product up if it isn't up already. Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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