Tuesday, January 7, 2014

December favourites!

December has been the month of not wearing makeup to school because I was having exams (and no one looks good during exams so I didn't put a lot of effort in it either). December has also been the month of trying out different makeup looks for Christmas and New Year's Eve. I (re) discovered quite a few nice products.

The first item is my Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Permanent Taupe", I love this thing! I got it a little before Christmas and I've been using it nearly everyday since then.

I also used my Body Collection a lot in December. I got it a couple of months back but I only used it twice. Until this month, there are a lot of great colours in here for the holidays: gold, black, purple, olive green. Really nice pigmentation!

I also used my ELF 144 piece neutral eyeshadow palette often last month. Like I said, I tried a lot of different looks and almost all of them were created with the eyeshadows from this palette.

And of course I kept using my Nude 'Tude palette. Most of the time I use this palette for my makeup when I go to work. Or just when I need better pigmented colours like the black eyeshadow.


December is the time of the year to wear red lipsticks. Red lipstick is a tradition on Christmas Eve, well, at least it is for me! "Russian Red" by MAC is my favourite red lipstick.

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