Monday, January 6, 2014

Highlights of 2013 !

Hello everyone! 
It's been 2014 for a couple of days now but after doing an outfit review of 2013, I thought I would just go ahead and show you my personal 2013 experience as well!
As I said, 2013 was the year of me finally coming out of my shell and expressing myself as who I really want to be. I realised that, now I've started my last year in high school, I will most likely not have any super close relationships with any of the people there. So why should I be afraid of their opinion? It's just one more year. That was probably one of the biggest fears I've overcome in 2013.

We also brought a bit of new life into the world in 2013! Our cat had kittens again and our guinea pigs have been having a romantic time as well! Four little baby guinea pigs were born and they're absolutely beautiful.

Aside from the many births in our home, I also got a couple of fish. Just expanding the pet family a little. I love animals and I can watch my fish swim for hours, I can look at my cat washing himself for days and I just love seeing the baby guinea pigs eat together with their mom and dad, like a big, happy family. Yes, pets have been a big part of my life in 2013.

I tried a lot of new things in terms of makeup this year. Trying to improve and I think I've done well. I'm not there yet but I learned a lot. I also started making video and photo tutorials, which I love and I'm going to continue doing it this year as well!

2013 was also the year of my first big purchase: a new camera. It wasn't as expensive as the huge professional ones, but it was something that I had never bought before.
It didn't only come in handy for the blog, I also spent quite a bit of time photographing stuff in the summer.

And of course I travelled a bit in 2013. I love travelling and I want to do it a lot more. This year I'll be going to Prague with school and hopefully I can make a few trips in summer but I will never forget visiting Ypres and Paris last year. Ypres was especially impressive, I've always been into history (wars and such), and seeing all the graves was just overwelming. Quite hard to explain, beautiful and tragic at thesame time.

Paris is my favourite city so that was a lot more fun to visit! Even if it was only just for a day. I saw a lot of beautiful things and I learned quite a bit as well. Maybe one day I can return for a longer period of time, I hope so.

So that was a super short overview of 2013. Sorry for leaving the very, super duper personal stuff out but I just don't feel like putting EVERYTHING on the Internet for everyone to read.
Although I must admit I do share quite a bit with you guys already in my Weekly Diaries!

I want to thank you for another amazing year and the great support that I got again this year. Let's make 2014 even better!
I love you.

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