Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Essence Stay Matte lipcream review!

Hello everyone! A few days ago I showed you some new Essence products that I got. This stay matt lipcream is one of the items that I showed you in my haul. I was really excited to try this, I love red lip products.
Just a couple of minutes after getting home and taking pictures of all the products, I decided to start testing already. This was the first item I tested.


The Essence Stay matt lip cream comes in a see through tube, it's nice because that way you know for sure it's the colour you want. The rest of the packaging looks nice as well. Simple but classy. The size of the tube is good as well, not too small, not too big, you can throw it in your purse just like that.


The colour that I got is called "Silky Red". It's a beautiful, bright colour. And by bright I mean really, really bright.


This is how my lips look when I don't have any lipstick, lipgloss, lipbalm or lipcream on. (Ignore the pink spot on my cupid's bow, I have no idea what it is or how it got there).

And this is how my lips look with the red lipcream on... Pretty amazing, don't you think?
I was doubting if this lip cream would actually be matt, but it really is. Also the colour is outstanding! This lip cream stays on really long and even after I tried to remove it, it left a nice red stain on my lips so I think eating and drinking won't be a problem either. 

I don't have any negative remarks on this product, the colour is great, it's easy to apply and it's budgetproof. I think it's safe to say that this product is simply amazing! I am blown away! Good job Essence!


  1. Love the color. Great Review Dear..

    xo janika

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  4. this red looks great, seems like a good product.
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    Melina x
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  5. amo il rossetto rosso, passa a trovarci

  6. gorgeous! it truly looks real nice,xo, Alma

  7. loveeeeeee ittttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!! it loos so nice! an me i love red colors!kiss from italy. and very nice fashion http://honeyandcotton.wordpress.com/

  8. Thank you so much ! I bought and didn't know anything really about it !

  9. I wanted to get one of those matte lipcreams but I did not eventually! They're so nice, especially this red one!

  10. Pyszny, soczysty kolor, takie czerwienie uwielbiam!

  11. Świetnie się prezentuje ! kolor genialny :)

  12. I have the red dot on my lip to!!!!!!

  13. Is that red dot considered herpies ? Just wondering the gloss is beautiful though


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