Friday, August 23, 2013

HOW TO: depot your MAC palette

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I bought my very first palette at MAC. I got two colours, just to try, but when I came home and I wanted to review them, I realised I only remembered one of the names.
What now?! I've been trying to open the palette but it wouldn't work. Today, I finally found the trick - and I know what the name of my second eyeshadow is now!

So, this is what we start with. Two colours in a palette.

Notice the edge between the pan and the palette. It's a teeny tiny space but you can get in between it if you want to. Now I'm not going to be using alcohol or heat to get it out safely. The only thing you need is something thin and sharp, like a nail file or a safety pin, tweezers, just anything you can get your hands on.

I used my tweezers for this. Both ends of my tweezers are very small.

So I used the "head" of my tweezers and pushed lightly on the edge of the pan. Very carefully so that you don't damage your eyeshadow colour. You'll see that once you pushed a little bit, the pan will come out a little bit and you'll be able to grab it.

I put my tweezers under it to prevent it from falling back into the palette.

And now you have depotted your eyeshadows! 
That's how easy it is! I now know that the colour I forgot the name of is called "Honey Lust".

And the other colour is called "Bronze".

Little tip: if you want to be able to take out your eyeshadows easily without having to use your tweezers all the time, you can put some yarn in the spaces before you put the eyeshadows back in. Next time, you can pull both ends of your yarn and the eyeshadow will be out in no time!

I hope this post was useful! Reviews of the eyeshadows will be up soon! Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice colors. I was in MAC too, bought some nice things :). I adore MAC.

    I m here in Antwerpen till Monday. In which town you live?
    In Sunday here in Antwerpen is vintage market :)

    1. REALLY? Antwerp is very far away from me because I live one hour away from Bruges (Brugge) (:

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