Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to school series part #5: makeup ideas!

Hi everyone! Time to go over makeup looks for the new school year! I have a few looks that I like to wear in particular, today I'm going to show you my three go to makeup looks. If you want to see a tutorial, please ask for it so I can make one and put it up before September rolls around!

The first look is a look that I've been wearing a lot this summer. I'm sure it'll be wearable in the next few months as well. You might have to replace the blue eyeliner with black eyeliner once December comes (but those are worries for later).
I'm talking about the colour pop makeup look: it's so easy, you can do whatever you want with your eyelid, it's just important to have a bright eyeliner on your waterline. Most of the time I go for a neutral look wih a winged eyeliner but you could even just use mascara and it would still look good! Great for experimental girls.

Next I have thesame look but without the coloured liner. Some days I put eyeshadow on, some days it's just eyeliner. Fine. You do have to practive a little bit but when you know how to do, it only takes 10 seconds.

And last but not least I have the makeup that I do when I'm late or when I'm not in the mood to do my makeup. Either I put on a little eyeshadow and mascara, done. Sometimes I only do mascara, especially on hot days. Simplest makeup look ever!

Let me know if there are any tutorials that you want to see! See you soon!


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