Friday, August 30, 2013

August favies!

Hello beauties! Time for today's post, which is my August favies post. Can you believe August is gone already? Wow, time flies! I remember when I was a kid and everything went so slow in my opinion - I never understood why adults said "time flies" but now that I'm growing up myself, gosh, they were right.


Enough rambling for now! I bet you'd rather see my favourites of this month! Okay so as you probably know if you read this blog often, I got some MAC products in the beginning of the month and there are a lot of the products in today's post. I was thinking earlier, by the way, about the way I do my favourites posts and wouldn't it be easier if I just categorized? I'll try it today and see if you guys complain, haha! 
I will also link the products that I have reviewed rightaway, in case you missed it! 

Lip products:
- Fanta Red Fruit lipsmacker
- MAC Russian Red lipstick



Eyebrow stuff:

- MAC palette ("Honey Lust" and "Bronze")

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day! 

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