Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to school in general: makeup

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be showing you a few makeup palettes that are great to wear to school in general. You can wear these products every day. Even if you're not in school, you could still use these on a daily basis.

The first palette that I would recommend is the biggest one and also the most "expensive" one. Well, I don't know if you can call it expensive, because these 144 colours together cost $16, which is less than one MAC eyeshadow.
This palette is called the "144 piece neutral eyeshadow palette" and it's by E.L.F.
I'm absolutely in love with it! You can read my review on this palette here. It is quite big so if you're not a big makeup fan I wouldn't start out with this but if you are and if you like to experiment: here you go!

Next, I have the Essence quattro eyeshadow palette in "To Die For" on the left. It holds the loveliest colours.
On the right, you can see my "Absolute nude eyeshadow palette" by Catrice. This one has been insanely popular and I can see why. Six beautiful colours, good pigmentation, cheap.

Those are my three go-to, favourite palettes for wearable, neutral looks! Oh, by the way, this is also my last back to school series post, I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you got something out of it!

Thanks for reading!

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