Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Diary

Hello guys! Time for my weekly diary! One day late, but I hope it's okay! If you follow me on Instagram (fashionistainthedark_blog) you might have seen a few of these pictures already. I try to have some new ones on the blog every week though.

I have been working a lot this week, I am super tired, even on this Monday, and of course I went to school. I haven't had much time for the blog, but next week is calmer so I'll get it right by then.

I always have lipstick on my soda can. ALWAYS! The perks of being a pin-up girl...?

Fuzzy socks! Warm and soft, just what I need in times of painful feet! 

A little something daddy got me! Yay! He does this every once in a while and I am so thankful for that, even though I don't always say it.

Comparing some makeup products... I love doing this! I do think these four colours look a like as well! 

My favourite lipsticks for fall - don't worry, the pictures are taken with flash so in real life they're not that bright!

Busy busy busy! This is this weeks planning!

Lunch! Nom nom nom! Spaghetti!

That's it! This is what happened last week! How was your week? Did you have fun?

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  1. Love these socks! Want them!



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