Monday, September 23, 2013

Comparing: MAC's "Russian Red" and Rimmel's "Kiss of Life"

A budget and a high end lipstick that look a like? I always love it when this happens! 
Today I'm comparing MAC to Rimmel. Could Rimmel's lipstick be the budget version of MAC's Russian Red?

The packaging next to each other. MAC is on the left, Rimmel is on the right.
Below, you can see the two lipsticks next to each other. They do look similar, don't they?

Swatches! The first one is with flash and the second one is without flash. MAC is the left swatch, Rimmel is the right swatch. I do really think they look similar, the MAC one might just be a little bit darker.

And now how they look on my lips... Now, I have to warn you!
Please don't mind my chin - I tried out some new skincare and uhm, let's say that didn't really work out too well.

I would say Rimmel's "Kiss of Life" is a pretty good drugstore dupe for MAC's Russian Red. It is slightly less red and a little lighter, but everything else is pretty much thesame!

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  1. That is a pretty close dupe girl! Needless to say both are looking absolutely nice on you.

  2. I prefer the rimmel more brighter
    happy monday

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  3. That's a really close dupe, thanks for this, I may have to check out that Rimmel lipstick!

  4. Yes, they're really close! Very useful post and I love your manicure!

  5. I never saw. that red rimmel at the Store


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