Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My favourite products for dry and damaged hair!

Hey everyone! Today I want to share my favourite products for dry and damaged hair with you. I have had dry and damaged hair for quite a while and at first I didn't even do anything about it but now I cut quite a big piece off of my hair. Right now the most important thing for me is that it grows back and that it's healthy. 

The first product is my tangle teaser, I've started to like this product more and more every day. Just a great way to damage your hair less.

Next, I have a favourite shampoo, hairmask and hair oil.
I just got this shampoo recenty, it's the total repair shampoo from Schwarzkopf. It has liquid keratin in it and it smells amazing.

The hairmask is from Schwarzkopf as wel, I think it's from thesame line as the shampoo. This is an "untimate oi elixer anti-hairbreakage mask" for damaged hair. I do have the feeling that both of these products work very well for me, my hair feels softer but it also looks healthier!

Next I have my Kérastase hair oil which is a little extra treat for my hair. Normally I just make my hair towel dry when I get out of the shower and then I apply this.
I always do this, even if I want to blow dry my hair that day. I feel that, when I put this on my hair first, it won't be damaged as much, no matter what!

I hope you ladies who needed it liked my advice, let me know if you have any "magical" products that work really well for damaged hair!


  1. You have a nice blog! :)
    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!


  2. Hej! I tried this hair mask and shampoo too, but found it makes my hair too oily and heavy. Plus, my hair is very slippery, so doing hairdos was impossible with so much hair care in them. How do style your hair "hair-friendly"?


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