Saturday, September 21, 2013

Essence stay with me lipgoss in "Kiss Kiss Kiss"

My lipgloss addiction/obsession is coming up again. Sometimes I'm more interested in lipsticks and other lipproducts, sometimes I'm really into mascara, eyeliner, sometimes I love eyeshadow. These last few weeks the products that I bought were most of the time lipstick and lipglosses.
I got this one for example; Essence "Stay with me" longlasting lipgloss. I already have two (want to see a review on that?) but I didn't have this red one yet, and since it was on sale...

I don't have very much lipglosses in a red kind of colour and since it's my favourite colour to wear, I couldn't leave this behind.
The brush is a little bit out of the ordinary, I never had one like this before so it's quite difficult to try to apply the colour smoothly and flawless, but once you achieve the look, it's to die for!

I am happy with this lipgloss, I think the colour is gorgeous and it's especially beautiful over another bright red lipstick.

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