Friday, September 27, 2013

Owls: current (fashion) obsession!

Hi lovelies! 
Do you ever fall in love with a certain symbol or animal and you just want to wear it all the time?
I love foxes and cats on T-shirts but lately, I've also been collecting some owl accessories. Owls are my favourite animals (thanks, Harry Potter!) and lately, they have become fashionable as well! I used to find it quite hard to collect items with owls on it but it's going better now!


Last week there was a fun fair near my home last week, it always starts off with an evening full of music, streets full of stands with cute accessories, clothes or candy you can buy and many other activities. It was at one of the stands that night at the fun fair that I got this first necklace. Beautiful!


Next I got owl earrings! This one is from Six! They don't have owls very often, but when they do, they have a lot of them! 

Next up is this scarf that I got at New Look! It's not a very big one and it's nothing that you should wear in winter - meaning it won't keep you warm - but it is a very cute detail. So elegant and graceful! I love it, I wear it all the time!

And lastly, another pair of earrings! I think this one will be cute to match with my owl necklace! This is from Six too, I got it as a gift from my dad!

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