Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NEW IN: soft black gloves

Hello you guys!
Fall is approaching fast here in Belgium. Every once in a while there's a ray of light but most of the time it's raining here. The temperature also lowered quite a bit lately. Where has summer gone?!
I do miss it already but at the other hand there are many many good things about autumn (or fall, however you want to call it) too!

One of my favourite things to do is to think about outfits in fall. In summer, you normally put on slippers with shorts and a bright coloured shirt, et voilĂ , you're in style.
In winter, it's different, you have to think about it a little more, and in a way, I think fall fashion is more sophisticated!

I love shopping for hats, sweaters, but most of all I love to go shopping for gloves. I used to hate gloves because they're so big and huge, I know everyone wears them and it's no big deal, but I just didn't like it. Until last year, I got my first pair of (fake) leather gloves and I was immediately sold! Unfortunately, a huge hole has appeared in one of the gloves, making it impossible to wear them - so I got a new pair! This pair isn't much different from the other one, it's just not in fake leather, but in soft material.


Personally, I love these kind of gloves, they look so stylish and lady-like, I just love it. I used to think it was "grandma wear", but I've never been as glad to wear "grandma wear" myself!

What is your favourite fall item (to go shopping for)?


Keep it classy ♥ Thanks for reading!