Sunday, September 29, 2013

Essence Stay Matte lipcream in "Velvet Rose"

Hi! No weekly diary today! I had a super busy weekend and I wasn't able to upload all of the pictures and tell you about all of them. I'm sorry about the delay and I hope you understand. I'll try to have it up by tomorrow, at last on Wednesday.

Today I have another lipproduct to review for you. It's a lovely pink Essence Stay Matte Lipcream. I have bought one before called "Silky Red" and I was stunned! Here's the link to my review, in case you want to read that: Essence Stay Matte lipcream in "Silky Red" 

What's so different about this "lipcream" is that this is a lipgloss that actually looks matt after applying it. Don't you just love that idea?! I know I do!
The lipcream that I got this time is called "Velvet Rose". Like I said, it's a lovely neutral, soft pink lipgloss. Super wearable for work, school, or maybe even if you're going out!

I love how creamy the texture is. It feels very soft and is easy to apply. It does survive a little snack but I don't think it will survive a four course meal. I haven't tried it yet because I can't eat as much, haha!

Thanks for reading again today! Hope you're doing fine!

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  1. What a colour!!! I will definitely search for that, great post!


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