Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A sneak peek inside my beauty closet: blushes

Hello everyone! I'm back with another sneak peek inside my beauty closet! Today I'm writing about one of my favourite parts of my makeup collection, which is my blush section. No matter how much make I do or don't put on, blush is something that I always wear! Because I'm quite pale, but also because I just love the look of it.

I do have some no-brand blushes but I also have a few blushes from well known brands. These are my very favourite blushes, they're all coral or orange toned.


The blushes on the left are by Essence and Catrice. The one with the pretty pattern is from a limited edition called "Vintage District" by Essence, the name of the blush is "It's popul-ART". This had such a pretty gold shimmer over it but it was only an overspray - unfortunately. I still like it a lot though.
You can see how pretty it was here!

The blush below that has similar colours, this blush is by Catrice and is called "Apricot Smoothie". You can read a review on it here!

Another coral beauty that I have (and love!) is "Candid Coral" by ELF. This has been one of my go to blushes lately! It's more neutral than the other two but it's still beautiful! See more? Click here!

The other three blushes - two hot pinks and one peach, coral - don't have any brand. I got one from my mom and two in a no-brand makeup kit! I don't have any reviews on them!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I have the same elf's blush dear...
    great products...

    happy day



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