Thursday, October 24, 2013

Essence eyshadow duo in "Like a stone in the wall"

Hi guys, how have you been doing?
I've been quite busy lately! Not only with school and in my personal life, but also with testing makeup! I recently got a few new items and I was so excited about them that I spent half a day trying, photographing and editing everything! 

Today I will be showing you my newest eyeshadow duo by Essence. This one is from their limited edition called "Be Loud", which seems to revolve around army prints/trends.
The colours of this eyeshadow is what makes me think of army a lot: a taupe/grey colour with a hint of green on the left and then a very nice olive green on the right. The last colour even reminds me of "Woodwinked" by MAC a little bit.

Believe it or not, I've been looking for great green eyeshadows for this fall, I think it's going to be my favourite colour. I don't know, I just got into this really green loving fase! (I already have a dark green look on the blog! Check it out here!)

The duo that I got is called "Like a stone in the wall".


Swatches! I do think the pigmentation could have been a little bit better. Not that I'm disappointed though, you can always build it up! I do think the lightest colour might be a little bit too light for my skin, I noticed it barely showed up, I had to try quite a few times!

Are you ready to see the eye look?

The eyelook that I made with this is quite simple: light colour on the lid, dark colour in the crease, a little bit of highlighter, brown pencil liner on my upper lashline (I was testing that eyeliner for the blog as well but the quality is just so bad that I decided it's not worth the effort. A shame really, I've been craving for a nice brown eyeliner)!
After that, I applied one coat of mascara. Nice, neutral and wearable!

I do think this is exactly the duo that I needed to create an amazing olive green look with. I love it! I paid €2.39 for this duo, that's $3.29 and £2.04, which is actually really cheap!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Thanks for reading again today! 
Have a lovely day!

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