Thursday, October 31, 2013

Catrice eyeshadow duo in "Bloomynous"

I am addicted to limited editions, I love it when I have something of which I know only a few people have. These last few weeks I have gotten quite a bit of new stuff and one of the new things that I got is from Catrice's limited edition called "Eve in bloom". It's just this really simple eyeshadow duo that has the name "Bloomynous".

I like eyeshadow duo's a lot because it's easy for everyday.


The packaging of this eyeshadow duo is quite simple. The only thing that shows it's from a limited edition is the flowers on the plastic. I don't think it looks that special to be honest.


Swatches! I think the two colours look absolutely amazing together. The pigmentation is always either very good or very bad. I would say it could have been a lot better, I especially expect it to be when it's a limited edition. However, the colours are buildable and they don't crumble so there is (nearly) no fall out.

I do like the colours, I do like the idea but the pigmentation could have been better. Would I recommend it? Errrm well probably not, since there are so many other great Catrice eyeshadows to find!

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!

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