Friday, June 28, 2013

Kérastase hair products!

Hello! Way back, somewhere in the beginning of the year I subscribed to a beautybox. I, back then, got three Kérastase hair products. At first I used them a few times but then I forgot about them. Lately I've been using them often again and today I just wanted to review all of them at once.

The first product I have is a hair oil. In the beginning I wasn't very crazy about hair oils but my hair is very dry easily and my hairdresser told me that maybe I should use more hair oils and conditioners. So I started using this hair oil again, at first against my will but after I while I saw that my hair was less damaged and it looked nice and it smelled nice so I decided to keep using it.

Next I have a shampoo and conditioner. They smell amazing! Not overwelming, not like an old lady, I feel like it's the perfect scent for anyone! It's really foamy, which I love, you don't need a lot. The conditioner is a conditioner for the dry ends of your hair, which is exactly what I needed. This one smells great too! It makes your hair insanely soft and moisturized.


So yes, my opinion has changed on the hair oil, in the beginning of the year I wasn't crazy about hair oils at all but my opinion has turned around about that. Have you tried Kérastase products before? Do you like them?

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