Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gosh pigments review!

Hello everyone! A few months ago I bought some pigments on clearance. I put them in my vanity but I never wrote about them. Recently I remembered I hadn't used these beauties in quite a while, I also remembered I never even reviewed them, so that's what I'm going to do today.

All the pigments are by Gosh. They're called "Sky" (white), "Glamour" (yellow) and "Plummy" (brown/purple). The jar that "Plummy" is in is either old packaging or new packaging. It's not thesame as the jars that "Sky" and "Glamour" are in.

The jars might look small but there's a lot of pigment in there!

"Plummy", "Glamour", "Sky".
I think the pigmentation is amazing. Pigments, in my opinion, are always more pigmented than eyeshadows, but I'm still always very surprised when I see how good the pigmentation is. Does that make sence?
 It does crumble a bit and pigments do give more fall out than eyeshadows but that's not a reason for me not to buy pigments! 

So yes, I am very excited about these babies and I don't even know how I could ever forget about them! They look amazing and I fell in love with them again! Good job, Gosh!

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