Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pressed Powders I like to use!

Hi! A little while ago I received a request to review my Miss Sporty So Matte pressed powder because I had shown it in a post. Instead of reviewing my Miss Sporty powder alone, I decided to show all the powders that I use right now and review them all for you.

I already have a review on the first powder by Essence: the all about matt fixing compact powder.
 The other two powders are "Medium" by Miss Sporty and "Natur Sand" by Biocura.

The girl in the background is Marilyn Monroe! It's from "The Last Sitting" with Bert Stern in 1962!

As you can see, of all three powders I have used my Miss Sporty powder most of all. I've had it the longest. When I was younger my mother recommended this one to me and so I kept on buying it over and over again because she told me it was a really great product. This is the third Miss Sporty powder and I've even hit pan on this one! This powder has medium coverage.

I also used to tan really fast so the colour was great. These last years, tanning has become a little bit harder (it doesn't go as fast as it used to), so for the moment I'm quite pale and this powder is too dark for me. That's why I got the two other powders.

The Essence powder is really good because this one absorbs the oil on your face but it doesn't leave any colour. Needless to say I use this one most of the time now.
The Biocura powder does leave colour on your skin. This powder can be compared to the Miss Sporty powder, the only thing that's different is that the colour is lighter.

All the powders are very affordable. They all cost about thesame amount of money, which is around €3 / $4.

Do you have any powders to recommend? Leave them in the comments!
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