Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Diary

Hi everyone! How are you doing? 
It's Sunday, which means I'm going to share some information (probably too much information, haha) about my life last week. Last week was quite a lot of fun, almost everything about this week was positive! 

First of all, I've decided to become a teacher. I think it's pretty exciting and I actually just met a couple of history teacher from my past who made me want to become this!

I also came across this sign.... It's actually pretty good!

I celebrated the last 100 days of school at school (it's this thing that seniors get to do, they put together shows and make fun of everything and everyone). It was so much fun! At the end of the day we went out for dinner with all the seniors and a couple of teachers. This is what I wore!

Yay, party!

This is me last year, being a "cowboy" (everybody has to dress up and the seniors get to pick the themes).

I also read a lot and fell in love with many books. Oh, and I bought a couple of books as well, just because my "to read" pile isn't big enough yet!


Bookmark addicted! I actually make them myself now, with the help of Youtube tutorials. Maybe I should write a post on how to make them or film my own tutorials on my favourite bookmarks? We'll see what the future brings!

This week I also wrote about being confident. My post was actually seen as a rather positive something (which surprised me) and I got a lot of positive feedback. In my comments, but also on my personal FaceBook account.
Well, thank you!

The most fun thing is yet to come: carnival is here, which means that I'm going to be playing dress-up. I actually want to be a mermaid but I don't know how to make the costume so errrrm, I'll have to think of something else.

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