Friday, March 7, 2014

Catrice made to stay inside eye highlighter pen

Hello everyone!
Recently I needed to pick up a new liquid eyeliner from the drugstore. As always, I take the things I need and then I just give myself some time to check out new collections or new products.
One of the things that cought my eyes was this Catrice made to stay inside eye highlighter pen. I had heard a few things about it and because I love a good eyeliner, I decided to take it home with me.

I think the packaging of this product looks great. It's nude with glitters, it's thin which is so handy and it can be used without sharpening because twisting the bottom exposes the pencil.

The eyeliner is nude. I like to use a white eyeliner because it makes me looks more awake and it 
gives the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes. I've never had a nude eyeliner, I think nude will look more natural than white eyeliner.

As you can see, the colour is quite pigmented. The pencil is creamy and soft but not too creamy, you can still put some pressure on the pencil without it breaking because it's too creamy.

This is what my eye looks like without make-up.

This is what my eye looks like with the highlighter pen. It's a very subtile difference.
My eye looks whiter, it also looks a bit bigger and I look a bit more awake.

I'm quite happy with this little highlighter pen. I think it does the job well, it stays on for a pretty long time and I love the illusion of my eyes being bigger, whiter, and me being more awake (without it making me look like I'm some kind of Alien because you can get that effect if you put on too much white eyeliner).
It's also budgetproof. It's a big "yay" from me!


  1. Yesterday I saw this in Krudvait. I must buy it. Really look nice.

    1. Yes it's really good and it stays on long! And it's only €2.49 ;).
      Hope you're doing well! X

  2. Hi dear, I really like the effect on your eyes =)


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