Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Favies for spring and summer: lip products!

Hello everyone. 
Today I'm going to show you my part two of favies for spring and summer. In this post I will be talking about my favourite lipproducts for spring and summer. 
Naturally, all the products in this post are rather bright, but they are wearable as well!

I'm starting off with my chubby lip pencils or however they are called (I've heard so many names over these last few months that I don't know how to call it anymore).

The first one on the left is actually a lipstain by NYC called "Rock on Ruby". It's beautiful but not too much, great for that everyday lip tint in spring (it's buildable by the way, so you can make it as bright or as dark as you want).

Next I have two chubby lip pencils by Catrice. One of them is from the Glamazonia limited edition, it's called "I've got the Flower", I believe, it doesn't say on the product.
I also have this one called "My cherry berry", which is the one that I've been using for these last few days. I LOVE IT. This one is still available.

I also have one by ELF, called "In the nude", it's the one on the right. Pretty cute, huh?

Next I have my stay matte lipcream by Essence. These are all so pigmented and matte, they stay on all day and even if you've eaten a couple of snacks, there's still a stain on your lips. It's also budgetproof! YAY!
The first one is called "Velvet Rose" and the second one is called "Smooth Berry".

Next I have two adorable lipglosses, also by Essence. The first one is pink and the second one is peach, the names came off though, so I can't tell you which ones I'm talking about exactly.

Next I have three lipsticks. These three are my all time favourites for spring and summer. I use all of them very often! 

The first one is my Bourjois lipstick from the Shine Edition called "Famous Fushia", next I have NYX "Eucalyptus" and Revlon's "Kiss me coral". Sigh. They are amazing, just take a look at the swatches (they are in the wrong order though, Revlon's swatch is first, next up is NYC and last but not least Bourjois).

Thanks for reading!

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