Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm going to be a teacher!

Hello everyone! 


I have a really exciting post! I have been doubting about what I want to study this year but after taking a look at college this weekend and just going to many meetings about studying, I decided I want to be a teacher!

Why? A couple of my teachers had a really big influence on me, especially the ones who teacher history, they could always tell stories so well and I just counted down the days to my history lesson.

I was first doubting between that and journalistics, but I think teaching will suit me better. I want to influence people and share my knowledge.
I'm very excited, I'll have 6 hours of English each week and also History will be 6 hours each week. It will for sure take a bit of work but I'm convinced I can do it! 

What would you like to be if you grow up? Did you get your dream job?

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  1. I'm a teacher so if you have any questions swing it my way. I'm actually an intern right now so I'm not sure will I have a job next year...but so far I have found it a fascinating and a challenging profession to be in.


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