Thursday, February 20, 2014

A sneak peek inside my beauty closet: lipbalms

Hello everyone!


Today I have another "Sneak peek inside my beauty closet". This time I'm going to show you my lipbalm stash.
I have a couple of tubes with lipbalm that I don't use too often. They are very sticky and so I only use them at home or before I'm going to bed. They're by a brand called MAX. The little tin jar on the right side is by thesame brand. The texture is a lot better and I use it very often.

Next, I have a couple of Yves Rocher products. I don't really like Yves Rocher, except for their lipbalms. I own two jars: one is strawberry scented and one is raspberry scented. I also own a vanilla lipbalm. I used to own a coconut one as well but I have finished that one!

Next I have two Labello lipbalms. When I was a kid, I used these all the time. There really is something special about them. I love the texture and the scent.
I actually already had enough lipbalms but I got these on a day that I forgot to take my lipbalm with me. My lips were dry, bleeding and hurting, so I decided to go to the store during my lunchbreak and get these.
One for home, one for my purse.

This Fanta red fruit lipsmacker is another one of my lipbalms that I use quite often. It's not as good as the Labello, but it's close. And it tastes really good!

My favourite lipbalm is this one by Kiehl's. It's almost empty!

I also own this Nivea lipbalm with SPF 15 and argan oil. I didn't get to test the product in the store because it was wrapped in plastic so when I got home it turned out the colour is a little too dark for me. So most of the time I use it at home or when I'm more tan!


I also own this smooth vanilla lipbalm/lipshine by H&M as well. I use it in summer most of the time because it looks like a lipgloss a little bit. Although it's a bit sticky, but most of H&M's lipglosses (or any lipglosses for that matter) are sticky.

What lipbalm would you recommend?

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