Saturday, February 15, 2014

Blonde hair: update + my (new) favourite hair care products!

Nothing is more damaging that dying your hair? Think again! Bleaching is extremely, extremely damaging.
I bleached my hair once and I had to chop off all of my long locks. This week, after letting my hair rest for about five months (which is a very long time to not do anything to it) I dyed it again a few days ago. Luckely my hair is healthy again, but I still want to take good care of it.
Today I'm giong to show you a couple of products that have helped me maintain my healthy hair!

The conditioner on the left is actually by a local shop, as well as the spray next to the Dove conditoner.
Basically, it contains argan oil and it just helps my hair repair. The next product, the bright yellow shampoo is by Schwarzkopf. It's the Gliss Kur hair repair shampoo with liquid keratin. I have had several of these shampoos and I liked them but I got this one this time because it has oil in it.

The next conditioner, in the red tube, is by Herbal Essences. It should make the end of my hair more beautiful and less damaged. I think this conditioner smells so good and makes my hair feel so soft!

I also have a Dove conditioner for coloured hair. I don't use it very often, I mean, it should make coloured hair last longer but I don't think it work for blonde hair.

On top I just have my Keraste hair oil, which has been a life saver! I've used it sooo much over the last year and it's still not empty! I love this thing!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! 
Are there any products that you would recommend for damaged hair?

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